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Posted in Blog, Experiences, Info, Photographer on September 7, 2011

“Couples” A solo exhibition next month ...

I started a project more than a year ago, and now I am really happy to inform you I will be having an exhibition next month in Zaragoza (Spain). “Couples” is a personal documentary project. This is a serial of portraits of immigrants living in London. It explores wh ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog,, News, Photographer, Works on September 1, 2011

Inosolo Blog. Wedding Photography.

Part of my work is wedding photography, so I created inosolo Wedding Photography few years ago. I am happy now to let you know I started a inosolo blog last month! What are you going to find on Inosolo blog? I will publish wedding photographs I take, also will publish entries re ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog, Experiences,, Photographer, Works on August 3, 2011

Shooting Weddings

One of the things I shoot as a photographer is weddings, I cover them in London and Spain. Here you can find some of the photographs taken last month in Shante and Kola wedding in London. If you like them… click I like in our facebook page! © Arantxa Alcubierre Continue Reading

Posted in Blog, Experiences, Info, on July 11, 2011

Hasselblad H5D

By the end of last year, Hasselblad and another iconic brand, Ferrary, came together to form the Limited H4D Ferrari Edition. I attended few weeks ago the Unveiled workshop at Hasselblad Studio, where I had the opportunity to use a Hasselblad for the first time, just for a few ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog, Photographer, Press, Works on June 8, 2011

Portrait. Crispin Odey

I was phoned to photograph Crispin Odey few days ago. Apparently, it is really difficult to get an interview with him, so I was told he was not very kind with the photo shoot idea, I was going to have about two minutes in my hands to shoot him. Well, I liked it! I checked on wiki ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog, Experiences, News, Works on May 31, 2011

Published Photograph

I do not specially like football, but living abroad make me feel like doing things I would never do at home. This is one of them, watching a football match. So I decided to take some photographs to enjoy those two hours. The good point of this is I got published a photograph in t ... Continue Reading

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Real Democracy Now Demonstration in London Friday ...

Today with the weekend arrived the Spanish Embassy in London was more crowded than ever. More new banners and anything to make noise with, like pans, spoons ors whistle helped the people to join their voices and angry. © Arantxa Alcubierre MORE PHOTOS BELOW Continue Reading